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Ghost — Debut Single

— Hertz Magazine

About Jack Switch

Jack Switch

Jack Switch is an independent artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His pop sound is colored by the influence of horror movies, video games, and funk, a weird combination that’s no coincidence. “I was a really sad kid,” Jack says of his childhood. “I didn’t have a lot of friends, so I spent most of my time chilling in my basement watching horror movies on DVD, playing Pokémon, and listening to my iPod.”

Jack’s focus as an artist has always been to create better representation for people whose voices went unheard. “When you grow up without any heroes that look or act like you, you have to become your own,” Jack says of his experience growing up as a queer Filipino-American. “The reason I was so drawn to horror and fashion was because they allowed me to define myself in a really strong, obvious way that transcended whatever racist or homophobic stereotype someone might have had about me.”

Jack Switch makes his debut with his single “Ghost”, a pop track with notes of funk, trap, and 50’s horror movie soundtracks. Ghost is the first of several singles produced by Jack in his bedroom studio during quarantine and Jack hopes the song will set the tone for what’s to come. “I really love mixing genres. ‘Ghost’ evolves from this campy 50’s sci-fi sound to a trap-pop song and then gets really funky. I try to infuse that erratic quality in all of my music. It’s like a good horror movie—the best part is when it catches you by surprise.”


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